Friday, January 22, 2010

RavenTalker - An Artist Showcase

Holly Stokes' work will be on display at the New
Earth Center throughout the month of February and available for purchase.

Go la nv Ga wo ni ha

Pronounced: go-la-nah ga-woe-knee-hah

or in English: Raventalker

About me:
Photobucket I view my artwork more like a kind of magic... my goal is to create something that makes others feel something when they look at it. I've never been properly trained, I just follow my paintbrush. I feel my best pieces are those that come from the heart and with every piece I do I put as much of myself into it as possible. When I put brush to canvas I go into a trance like state and I am guided in spirit as I paint... I charge each painting with healing energies as it comes to life. My hope is that through my artwork others may find something special that may be needed in their life .. a bit of magic healing by way of paint and canvas.

Displaying my artwork for others to see is like showing them pieces of myself.. a very hard thing to do. It makes me very happy and proud that other people have liked what I do. Even if people stop buying my works of art, it will always be something I do.. I love it and hope that it shows each time I put my paintbrush to the canvas and each time I create something new.

Photobucket I have participated in art shows in Glendale, CA., Tell City, IN., Gallatin, TN., Hendersonville, TN. and displayed in the gallery at Uncanny Evolutions in Chattanooga, TN . I have sold a combined total of more than 700 paintings worldwide. RavenTalker's Website

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