Sunday, August 30, 2009

Women's Drumming Circle

Ladies, join the New Earth Center's newest gathering! Rev Valerie James is excited to be facilitating The "Women's Drumming Circle" beginning on Saturday, Sept 5th at 1:00 p.m. Drum Circle

This women's drumming circle is for all those interested in the healing vibrations of drumming! Bring your Native or home made drums or percussion instruments and be part of an exciting circle of women who desire rhythm and resonance to bring order to their natural world! Come join us even if you don't have a drum ... come flow, dance, relax, and allow the spiritual forces of drumming to move you into a freedom not felt for years!

Drumming has proven to be Therapeutic for healing body and soul!

drumsSpace is limited so contact The New Earth Center today at 615-590-7613! The first drumming circle you attend will be free!

Future gatherings of the circle will be scheduled for the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month. (Sept 19th, Oct 3rd, Oct 17, ....)

Where & When
157 Old Shackle Island Rd.
Hendersonville, TN 37075
Saturday September 5th

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Psychic Parties by the New Earth Center

New Earth Center Announces
Psychic Parties now available
Rainbow Girl
Hendersonville, TN - August 13, 2009 - "The new trend is hosting Psychic Parties which gives people a fun purpose for a gathering. It's also a great way to add interest to any function whether it is social or business related. It opens the opportunity for people to get a psychic reading inexpensively".

"It's not just for the rich and famous anymore. Everyone wants to know what the future has in store for them," says Dr. Kimberley Harrell, owner of the New Earth Center.

"The whole idea began when one of our famous clients invited us to bring Psychics to a party, where we were asked to do psychic readings, and from there it spread like wild fire."

Our readers are all talented, exciting and entertaining individuals. We offer Psychic Readings, Channeled Medium, Tarot, Palm, Intuitive, Aloha Angel, Angel Cards, Crystal, Past Life Influence, Attracting Wealth, Law of Attraction. We also offer Reiki Energy work, Aromatherapy, Essential Oil Therapy, all available for Private parties.
Booking Parties now for the Halloween Season
Party Candles
We are now booking parties for the busy Halloween season. We can book smaller private parties with one Psychic, or large parties or Corporate Events with up to Seven Psychics.

When booking your party, consider the time frame, the number of guests and we will be happy to recommend the number of entertainers you will need. But don't make the assumption that only a few guests will want a reading. Once the first few guests have their readings, all will want them, and some will want more than one. Don't risk disappointing your guests!

If you have more guests or a limited time frame in which the readings can occur, we can provide multiple entertainers so that more than one reading can be done at the same time.
Book your party now.
Psychic Services
"We are getting booked solid and it's not just the rich and famous who seek psychic reading advice. Psychic Parties are now affordable for everyone."

It works well for famous people who desire private readings amongst their friends, as well as affording everyone the opportunity to have a private psychic reading while in the company of family and friends. The growing interest in Psychic Parties is on the rise, and seems like having a psychic as your new BFF (Best Friend Forever) is the new way to go.
About New Earth Center
The New Earth Center is now Tennessee's Largest New Age/Metaphysical Healing Arts Center & Retail Center.

Call us at 615-590-7613 or email us at to book your Psychic Party.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Psychic Fair at New Earth Center

Psychic / Healing Fair
New Earth Center Lightworkers

Saturday we have 9 Lightworkers ... and the Crystal Bath Bed. Here you can find, psychics, astrologers, love and relationship experts, spiritual advisors, Reiki Masters, Energy workers, Yoga experts and so much more. Our trusted advisors have years of experience in giving psychic readings and advice on everything from relationships to career, finances, spiritual journey and more. Look through our list and see who you feel could help you today. Don't hesitate to enhance your life with a session with one of these caring professionals. All professionals will be available 11am - 7pm unless otherwise noted by their bio. You may call ahead to ensure your time with any professional on Saturday (615) 590-7613.

Suzie WrightSuzanne Kerr Wright - Celestial Readings ~ Suzanne begins with a review of your natal chart, the chart representing the positions of the celestial bodies at the moment you were born. Next she will overlay your chart with the current astrological transits. After reviewing key current transits, Tarot cards are used to enlighten you about the choices you have. The cards indicate specific incidents within a certain time frame and possible outcome depending on the path you choose to take. A Tarot only reading may be tailored to your needs using a variety of tarot, angel, fairy and healing cards.

Dr. Karen Cain, D.D.Dr. Karen Cain, D.D. - Karen Cain is a gifted clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient. ~ Through her abilities, she can help you find answers to life's more difficult questions regarding Relationships, Health, Money and many others. She is also available for counseling regarding Addiction and Co-Dependency issues. "Readings" are generally a conversation through meditative state with Divine and your Spirit Guides. Messages from those that have crossed over or passed on can also come through. If you prefer, a divination tool such as Tarot Cards, Runes or Crystals can be used in the reading. Through her abilities as a clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient, Karen will interpret information presented to provide you with the answers you seek based on the stream of probabilities emanating from your present eneTuning Forksrgetic state. Karen will also be doing Free mini sessions of Somaenergetics Vibrational Healing with Tuning Forks.

Leslie LeMieux Leslie Evans LeMeiux -(11am - 6pm)Psychic Reading, personal session. ~ This is when Leslie answers all of your personal questions. So, anything that is on your mind, bothering you or even if there are things you are just curious about, this is all about you and what's around you, your relationships and your growth.Leslie likes to bottom line things...get to the root causes of situations or patterns. Be ready to deal with all levels of an issue from the mundane to the more real Self. She focuses on bringing the abstract into practical application. Your filters drop away for greater understanding and receiving. You then are able to move forward and make more empowered choices for yourself and your life. Awareness is the key. Leslie is also gifted in Palmistry.

Kimberley HarrellDr. Kimberley Harrell - Kimberley can help you manifest what you want using the Law of Attraction. ~ Get everything you ever wanted. Within you lies the secret of your dreams -- powerful spiritual and intuitive reserves that allow you to achieve your goals and transform your life. Using Dr. Harrell's method, hundred's of her clients and students have achieved outstanding practical results. Kimberley will share the secret of living an abundant, joy-filled life and finding peace in today's world. If you desire to manifest, whether it be a relationship, creating abundance or any other aspect of your life. A session with Kimberley will create the positive energy you desire to help make it happen. Kimberley will also be available for Spiritual Massage & Essential Oil Therapy.

Casey DuganCasey "Bliss" Dugan -(1:00 pm - 6:00pm) Casey 'Bliss' Dugan is a Psychic/Channeler who channels the Archangels, Guardian Angels, Masters & Ancestors. She has studied with Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. (The 'Angel Lady') and a variety of Hawaiian Teachers. She is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Freelance Writer & Songwriter, Poet & Musician. She is also ordained by the Universal Life Church and the Order of Melchizedek. She conducts "Aloha Angel Readings," during which she channels the Angels, Ancestors & Ancient ones for advice and consultation on your questions regarding Career; Love Life; Deceased Loved Ones; Family Relationships; Soul Purpose, etc.

RoseDallas- Past Life Readings ~ "Spiritual readings bring light to current issues from the perspective of the higher self." It is important in the evolution of the individual soul to recognize the most significant past life or lives that affects the way the soul interacts and responds to different stimuli and situations. For example: someone who may have drowned in a past life may have a fear of water. Past lives create imprints into our present. If there was trauma in the past life that energy pattern is imprinted into the cellular memory of the present and in many instances can set a pattern of behavior that affects relationships and advancement of the soul.Without awareness of those lifetimes you cannot understand the extent of what is being healed through your present experiences. It becomes impossible to bring that segment of healing to an end. The awareness or acknowledgment of the past life acts as a catalyst to trigger movement of the cellular energy therefore initiating healing. Your intention to heal the emotional pattern is the force that promotes the release of the energy. Love and forgiveness are the final stages of healing the past and present.

Healing HandsRev. Valerie James - You will be pleased to meet the gentle loving spirit that is Rev. Valerie James. Valerie does Angel Card Readings and is a Reiki Master / Teacher and Certified Ascended Master Kwan Yin Magnified Healer. Valerie allows the Angels to guide each personal Reiki Session. A full session with Valerie will take about an hour. She suggests that any person receiving a relaxation or healing treatment should eat lightly (avoiding heavy foods and alcohol) and drink plenty of water 1 - 2 days before treatment to enhance the quality of the energy being received. Treatment creates a warm, glowing radiance that flows through and surrounds the entire body and aura. After the session you will have a sense of balance and well-being.

Photobucket Sean Jackson - offers psychic readings, mediumship, channeled readings and Tarot readings. Sean is a Psychic Medium and Light Language Practitioner. Light Language is based on the light speed healing techniques of the Curanderos (Master Healers) of Mexico. As we move into the 'light age', our spiritual evolution has moved upward through the Chakras. Now we are more ready than ever to apply this ancient Mayan wisdom to our lives.

Amelia WoodardAmelia Woodard, LMT will offer Massage Therapy sessions. Amelia is a licensed Massage Therapist by the State of TN, she is a renowned massage therapist and is a favored therapist of the Tennessee Titans. She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Reflexology, Ashiatsu, Prenatal, Hot Stones, Hawaii Lomi Lomi, Hawaii Forearm Dance, Chair Massage. She is Licensed and Insured member of the AMTA.

Crystal BedCrystal Bed - Crystal healing during a session in a Crystal Bed blessed by 'John of God'. The Crystal Bed has 7 extremely clear and highly polished Quartz Crystals suspended above you. Each of the Quartz Crystals has been cut to a specific frequency. Each Crystal is aligned above one of your seven energy centers or Chakras. Colored lights, chosen to match the Chakra colors, radiate light & energy through the Crystals to each respective Chakra to cleanse, balance and align your energies.

Where & When
New Earth Center
157 Old Shackle Island Rd.
Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075
2nd Saturday each month

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meet the Pacha Mamas


Meet the


In Concert at the New Earth Center
Saturday August 8th

Bring your blanket or lawn chair for some of the best seating!

Food will be available from Whitt's BBQ & WhistleStop Cafe!

Preview them on Myspace

Pacha Mamas on Myspace

New Earth Center
157 Old Shackle Island Rd.
Hendersonville, TN 37075

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Outdoor Summer Concert Series - Pacha Mamas

Pacha Mamas in Concert at the New Earth Center in Hendersonville, Tennessee.
Saturday on the Front Patio - bring your lawn chairs for some of the best seating!

Pacha Mamas
In Concert Saturday August 8th on our Front Patio .... The Pacha Mamas !

Listen to a preview of the Pacha Mamas on My Space.
Pacha Mamas on My Space

Saturday August 8th


$5 Love Offering at the Gate

Pacha Mamas performances include movement and improvisation, but it is the music that drives them, singing and playing primarily their original songs. Music that can't be neatly categorized due to the fact that the styles they use are as diverse as their backgrounds ranging from those that are a cappella and accompanied by African drums to tunes that might have come from a Broadway show. What they all have in common is chiming harmonies and upbeat themes, many spiritual in nature. It is their intention to create a celebration of what is good in the world by emphasizing the things that connect and empower us all.

Pacha Mamas is comprised of unique individuals who work in harmony with each other and spirit to create and express. By opening and extending their hearts in this way, they affirm healing and connection in the world.

Marquetta Dupree has trained for 10 years in African Dance and has just finished teaching a year of African Inspired Dance classes. She is a graduate of Interplay's Leadership program, a path of spontaneously embodying and creating art from life through playing with song, story and dance in solo, partner and group play. Marquetta spends as much time as she can singing, dancing, and telling stories while practicing the art of living in the "present moment". Marquetta is one of two daughters of performing artist Adora Dupree, who passed over in 2004.

Angela Holley is a graduate of Interplay's Leadership program as well. She is creator of the critically acclaimed "Holley's Country Follies" and "Wildwood Flowers - The June Carter Musical". Holley is an award-winning actress who has been in show business for over 20 years. In addition, she owned and operated Cabaret Creations, where she created, produced, and performed a variety of cabaret shows for multiple venues. Most recently she has begun taking her spiritual life and her own music more seriously composing several "spirit songs" as part of the journey to share with others. THE PACHA MAMAS!!!!!

Join us at the
New Earth Center
157 Old Shackle Island Rd.
Hendersonville, TN 37075

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Fae Say .....

A Faery Message from the New Earth Center, Tennessee's largest New Age / Metaphysical Healing Arts Center located near Nashville (Music City USA) in beautiful Hendersonville (The City by the Lake).

The Fae say, “The Blue Faery brings you Blessings & Reassurance that your Wishes for Prosperity & Abundance are Coming Soon!

On Summer Nights, she brings you Dreams & Wishes, if you Ask! Listen for her Song in the Chirping of Crickets & other Night Be-ings. Be Open to Receive her Guidance --& Wish Upon a Star!

In Honor of the Blue Faery, Wear or Carry a Lapis Lazuli, with its Deep Blue color & Golden flecks or an Aquamarine, with its clear blue color. You may even Place a piece Beneath your Pillow to Guide your Dreams!

Magickal Affirmations: I am a child of the Universe. I am open to receiving the blessings for prosperity and abundance. Through my dreams, I am gifted with guidance and reassurance that I will successfully fulfill my goals and obligations.

Many Faery Blessings,
The Staff at the New Earth Center

Blue Fairy