Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Harvest Moon Youthing Ceremony


THERE is one single night of the year that the energies of the moon meet with the energies of the earth in such a way that energetic and physical youthing can occur. This is the night of the Harvest Moon.

This is a private, intimate ritual and will be... performed in a private setting. We are limiting this to 5 Participants. The cost is $95.

FROM the heart of Africa, the ancient and sacred ritual of being with the energies of the moon and earth has been passed on. Now is the time for these ancient mysteries of youthing to be revealed once again.

JOIN in this sacred ceremony for turning back the clock of aging.

This works not only on physical appearance , but also on vitality and at a cellular level. It can release 2 or more years cellularly of physical age each year that you take part in this ancient ceremony. This can only be done one time per year. It is truly a wonderful and rare gift.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Full Moon Party (Harvest Moon) This Saturday

Join us for our Full Moon Party .... This event is FREE of Charge.

Entertainment, Refreshments and Music at the New Earth Center.

Outside on the front patio.

Saturday Oct 3rd at 6pm....
Live DJ, Dance the night away ...

at 7pm SideShow Bennie and Anna Fiametta are an old fashioned thrill ride. Their act is a throwback to the circus and carnival side shows that were popular and considered family entertainment in the early part of the last century. The side show had it's heyday in the period between the world wars and started dying out due to economics and political correctness. Bennie and Anna have updated the acts to a more modern presentation and are bringing it back to a new generation.


They have performed from border to border and coast to cost and have left audiences laughing and wincing with their peerless feats of physical phenomenon. It is an amazing show that is entertaining, fun and maybe, just a bit educational (but don't let that stop you from coming) Acts such as The Human Blockhead, The Barefoot Dance Of Danger and even The Human Dartboard may make you squirm a bit but they are done with humor and laughs.

Now what does an act such as this have to do with a New Age Emporium like The New Earth Center?? There are several reasons. The human body is an amazing and complicated piece of machinery and a person can train their body to do almost anything, from holding one's breath for over 4 minutes like the tankless deep divers do to assuming intricate yoga positions to, yes, driving nails up the nose and putting bare hands in dangerous animal traps. This show is a celebration of the miracle that is the human body. It is also the full moon in October, just a few weeks from Halloween. It is that time of the year where everyone likes a good scare. The act would be rated approximately PG13 but we have had 5 year olds in the audience who loved our show and wanted their photos taken with us afterwards. Use your best judgement as to whether it is appropriate for your children. You can check out our website at
So come and enjoy SideShow Bennie and Anna Fiametta. You will pay for the entire seat but you will only use the edge!

We request a Love Offering for the Entertainers of at least $5. Thank you so much for participating.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Manifestation Workshop

Manifestation Workshop at the
New Earth Center!

Program to Manifest
Learn a proven technique to Manifest your heart's desire.

Join us for this exciting workshop on Saturday at Noon. The cost is only $40 per person. I look forward to seeing you there.

Mikala White Wolf

Leslie Evans LeMieux teaches ...
Leslie LeMieux


This Saturday

Sept 26



This is a power packed workshop for people who would like to learn how to specifically program for something they want to manifest. Program in a way that your Higher Self and Subconscious will best understand.

Highly Interactive ..... Get results from your programming.

Please come with an idea of something you would like to manifest. This is a hands on workshop presented by Leslie Evans LeMieux. You can learn more about Leslie at

Don't miss out on this powerful manifestation workshop. Learn how to make the Law of Attraction really work for you!

New Earth Center

Monday, September 21, 2009

Le Chat Meow at the New Earth Center

Our Outdoor Concert on the Front Patio with Le' Chat Meow was marvelous !!!

They are great. You should go to their next Gig !!! :) Click either picture to go to their My Space page to listen to their music.


Musically speaking, do you enjoy something a little off the beaten path once and awhile? Do you mainstream with the best of them but still enjoy a good acoustical set when you hear one?

This trio, fronted by Laura Joseph (vocals/acoustic guitar), plays what I’ll call a cool, original set of eclectic songs. Ms. Joseph writes all the material, and is accompanied perfectly by Greg Urbaitis on the upright bass (along with the mandolin and melodica), and Suzie Wright on the djembe drum (and various other percussive instruments, or as she calls them, toys). The result varies from a rich, smooth, and never boring smorgasbord of sound. However, since variety is the spice of life (and I think the spice of music too), the mood sometimes shifts to a jarring, stark, and powerful mode, all courtesy of Joseph’s emotive soprano vocals combined with her crisp, staccato strumming, which often bursts into the forefront. The transitions from delicate and smooth to powerful and sometimes even haunting, all without the aid of high-powered amplification, was quite refreshing. As for the songs themselves, they’re generally about relationships (good and bad) and life reflections, and as such have that classic folksy feel of poetry set to music. You can hear some streams of their music on You will also find a long list of the band’s diverse musical influences. If that doesn’t pique your interest I don’t know what would. That diversity certainly has a powerful, positive effect on the music. The band plays predominantly in and around Nashville, so check their myspace before heading down to Music City and make a night of it. But if you never get to Nashville, don’t despair.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Magical Almanac Sept 17th

Magical Almanac for September 17th

Moon is in the 4th quarter in Virgo.
Magickal Color for today is White
Incense of the day : Balsam

Spell for Late Bloomers:

The feast day of Hildegard of Bingen is celebrated today. "The Sybil of the Rhine" composed music and wrote seventy poems and nine books in the twelfth century. In a time when 30 was the life expectancy, 42-year-old Hildegard experienced visions that became the source for her music and writings.


What greater inspiration for those of us considering a career change late in life? As you play a recording of her chants, arrange an altar with a cloth of Rainbow colors and candles of various hues. In the center of the altar, secure a yellow candle in your cauldron and surround it with quartz crystals. Light the candle and say:

Hildegard, help me
find inspiration.

Help me realize that it's never
too late to become the person
I've always dreamed of.

In the coming months, help me
to hold true to my higher self.
Lily Gardner


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today's Magical Almanac Sept 16

September 16
Moon - 4th Qtr in Leo, entering Virgo @ 7:56pm

Color - Topaz
Incense - Bay Laurel

Spell - Doorway Blessing: In a large bottle, combine 5 cups of vinegar, a few handfuls of salt, 10 drops of High John the Conqueror oil, 1/4 cup poppy seeds (for invisibility), and 1/8 cup each of chili powder and thistle. Stew on low heat for 1 hour. Once the potion has cooled, wash the outside of all your doors and windows with the potion. Take your time doing this and create accompanying chants and rituals if you'd life. Reapply this potion any time you feel the need for added protection. Estha McNevin

Monday, September 14, 2009

From the Goddess

From the Goddess Ishtar:


Set your Boundaries. On this very special day, the Goddess asks you to examine the parts of your life where you are giving. Are you giving from a full and open heart that is overflowing with gratitude or from one full of fear, guilt or obligation?

Know the difference between the two.

One sets your heart a flutter and comes naturally and feels great afterwards and the other leaves you feeling resentful and tired when you're done. It is OK to say "No" to something or someone today who is draining your Spirit and energy. A "No" out of self-care and self-love is better than a "Yes" from a heart half closed.

It's time to start loving yourself and honoring your own boundaries. Only you can set them, but Ishtar says, if you have trouble setting boundaries, call her name and she will give you the courage to do so."

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/09/09 What does it mean to you ?

In the Mayan tradition, there are 9 deities (Gods/Goddesses) that will supposedly come at the "end date" of the Mayan calendar (2012). As many of you know, there is a hiearchy of spiritual consciousness, and the Soul ascends to a higher level when it has learned the lessons of the previous. Today marks the beginning of our collective ascension to the highest level possible, level 9 and the top of the pyramid so to speak. An Awakening.

Change is inevitable and with the 9 influence, an incredible amount of change in a short period of time is what is occurring. Banks, businesses, world commerce, politics and even educational institutions are collapsing, re-building and transforming at an unbelievably rapid rate. Today, there is great power to be had if you are honest with yourself and committed to doing your part, serving a greater purpose and moving beyond any barriers you've imposed upon yourself and taken on as truth. As a collective we grow today. Today marks a new chapter.

From a Numerology standpoint, I would also offer that the repetition of the 9 increases the power of a 9 vibration. The 9 vibration is all about power beyond this world, the "end" of the single-digit cycle embodying all the other numbers before it (how in astrology, Pisces is the last stop on the karmic wheel if you will, possessing all the traits of the signs before it and a sign that has incredible compassion for humanity...because they have LIVED IT ALL and SEVERAL TIMES OVER. The same is true for the 9. When you have it repeat three times, that signals an ENDING. Not destruction. Not chaos. Unless of course, you choose to cling to the old way of doing things and then, yes it does feel like the "end of the you know it. But, not necessarily the end." Also, if you combine the entire date for today, it adds up to a "28" which breaks down to the Master Number 11.

What this means for YOU: Karmic patterns are showing their true colors today. If there is anything you have NOT DEALT WITH, it will keep coming back and with increased power today in the form of repetitive thoughts, physical reactions/symptoms and a general feeling of unrest, unless you take full responsibility for your part in creating the situation. Then you are FREE and you free EVERYONE INVOLVED. You need not do this in person. Energy works in wonderful ways and by simply intending love and forgiveness for anyone or anything you feel hurt/caused hurt towards, the karma is balanced and you are living in full integrity. It's a powerful day indeed to release yourself of the bondages that hold you back. The Angels and Goddesses applaud you!

If you want to learn more about Numerology and how it influences us everyday, please consider taking our Numerology 101 class! It will be offered later this month.